Gillette Fusion, Razor, Power
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The Gillette Fusion Power Razor comes with a five-blade shaving surface to deliver a clean shave. The razor handle is designed to offer the maximum comfort while shaving. The Comfort Guard features 15 microfins that travel over the contours of your face for a close shave. This Power Fusion razor comes with a precision trimmer to trim sideburns. It has an onboard microchip that provides continuous power, and the automatic shut-off feature turns off power after eight minutes to conserve battery life. This power razor set comes with a razor, a cartridge and a battery. Gillette Fusion Power Razor:•1 razor, 1 cartridge, 1 battery pile •5 blade shaving surface +1 precision trimmer Product Description Gillette Fusion Power men’s razor and razor blades form a precision shaving system featuring an advanced design engineered to bring you optimal performance. On the front, Gillette Fusion Power features 5 PowerGlide razor blades spaced closer together for a comfortable shave. This design distributes the shaving force across the razor blades to help reduce pressure, supplying more comfort and less irritation than MACH3. •Advanced 5-Blade Shaving Technology •Flexible Comfort Guard •Precision Trimmer What's in the Box •1 Men’s Razor •1 Razor Blade Head •1 Duracell Battery

Gillette Fusion, Razor, Power

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