Tung Gel with Zinc Fresh Mint $9 - Free shipping worldwide
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In the summer of 2008, we improved our formulation and while we received rave reviews, some of our long-time customers thought it could be even better. We listened to the comments, tweaked the formula, and then had our customers review it. The result: a thicker, bolder formula guaranteed to make your day fresh! Enjoy! Clinical research indicates that odor-causing bacteria on the tongue is the #1 cause of bad breath. For years, TUNG™ Gel has been recognized as being the best way to remove the nasty bacteria that leaves a "tongue gunk" residue on the tongue's surface. Now, TUNG™ Gel is Even Better!!! The newest formulation of TUNG™ Gel is a result of a year's worth of laboratory and consumer research, and not only is the product more effective in removing bacteria and neutralizing bad breath, but now It Tastes Better than ever!!! The New TUNG™ Gel, when used with the companion TUNG™ Brush: •Loosens sticky plaque from the tongue •Has Zinc to neutralize bad breath •Works better than standard toothpaste •The improved taste leaves tongue and mouth feeling fresh •New Improved consistency stays on the TUNG™ Brush more effectively Use with Tung Brush™. Extend tongue and gently brush from the back of the tongue forward to the tip (for approx 10 seconds) Repeat as necessary. Avoid swallowing. In case of accidental ingestion beyond normal quantities, consult a physician. Twist off cap and remove roil seal. Do not use if seal is missing or broken.

Tung Gel with Zinc Fresh Mint $9 - Free shipping worldwide

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