alli 120 Count Capsules over-the-counter weight loss
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alli Orlistat 60 milligram Only FDA Approved Over-The-Counter Weight Loss Aid to

Supplement your Diet, 120 Count Capsules

alli® is the only OTC weight-loss aid approved by the FDA. alli® can maximize your weight-loss efforts when paired with a low-fat, reduced-calorie diet*. 

*alli® (orlistat 60mg capsules) is for weight loss in overweight adults, 18 years and older, when used along with a reduced-calorie and low-fat diet.  Follow label directions.



It’s simple. alli® prevents about 25% of the fat you eat from getting absorbed into your body. And because alli® is only minimally absorbed into the bloodstream, there are no direct effects on the cardiovascular or central nervous system. So you can take alli® knowing it won’t make your heart race or cause mood swings.



alli® is the only FDA-approved over-the-counter weight loss aid around. In fact, the active ingredient in alli®, orlistat, has been the subject in over 100 clinical studies. That makes orlistat one of the most thoroughly studied weight loss drugs in the world, used by more than 50 million people.

alli 120 Count Capsules over-the-counter weight loss

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